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Publish date:04-25-2013 05:00:46
No BS Marketing LIVE

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What makes this meeting so awesome?

Before describing what this meeting is and what makes it so awesome, let's start with what this meeting IS NOT:

-This is NOT another boring meeting without an agenda!
You know the kind...the ones you want to run out screaming because nothing is getting done and it's not providing any benefit to you.

-This is NOT a Networking Event like a Chamber Mixer!
While I support them, this meeting goes above and beyond getting exposureand meeting the same 'ol people who have poverty and scarcity thinking.

-This is NOT a Leads Group or Referral Group like TSBN or BNI!
Although, they have their place (and I support them and meetings like theirs 100%), this is not about getting leads or referrals.

Instead: This meeting IS all about getting results from your marketing here locally, as well as globally!

At our meeting, you'll learn real world - what's working today - strategies from actual, recently run and successful implemented marketing campaign examples. You'll hear from members here in Pittsburgh and see their full blown illustrations of what they're doing now to grow or reinvent themselves and their business(es). And much more!

This meeting IS all about hanging with real, ambitious entrepreneurs and serious salespeople here in Pittsburgh! At our meeting, you'll get a chance to hook up with like-minded professionals who are serious about getting rich and richer with NO apologies for doing so. These professionals are not into getting their name out therethey are into joint venturing and cooperative marketing to better serve their clientele, your clientele, and make more money together!

This meeting IS all about straight, blunt, No BS Business Advice to help your biz explode! At our meeting, you'll get the whole bull, without the BS. This meeting is not for the faint of heartwe're here to help you get results, period!


Have You Got 2 Minutes?
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You only need two minutes to find out about some great marketing info that you can try for free.


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If you’re looking for the fastest way to increase your bottom line profits, listening to this interview may be the most important 18 minutes you’ll ever spend!

By listening to Becky Auer (formerly Gomes) speak on “How You Can Quickly & Easily Double Your Profits In The Next 6-9 Months With Little or No Out of Pocket Expense” you will learn readily implementable, easy to apply, no cost or low cost strategies that work in today’s tough economy.

For more of these strategies, go to:


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No BS Marketing Meeting
Tuesday, November 29 | 3:00-5:30PM
Sigma's Conference & Event Center

Watch our WORST video ever!

Joanne, I have a confession to make. THIS is the WORST video we've ever shot! Bad lighting. Extreme close with my head cut off. It's bad.

BUT. It does have great content!

Important: This video will only be up today and tomorrow.

Or, if you prefer to read, here's the content:
Be grateful for your competition!
Your competition isn't to be feared. Instead, you should be thankful they're around. Why? because competition makes the economy better. Free enterprise is based on competition and it drives business. Without competition our economy would suffer and be in the hands of very few people...with too much power. Competition levels the playing field and forces businesses to be better.

Second, competition makes YOU better. Have you ever gone to an event with your competition in the room? What happens? You step your game up, don't you? You prepare more. You present better. So, be thankful your competition is there - they're making you better.

Third, competition makes your customers better. That's right - when's there's more businesses trying to get attention, your customers have to work harder and become more educated. They can now understand and realize why you're the best business to go to. They also become more loyal because of this process.

So, don't fear your competition. Embrace them and be grateful for them. They're making the economy, YOU, and your customers better!

And speaking of getting better...come join us on Tuesday, November 29th for our No BS Marketing Meeting, where you'll learn how to make the last 6 weeks of the year your most profitable!


See you on November 29th!
Becky Auer

PS - We have TWO important pieces of news for you that we will address at the meeting. Be there to find out first!
PPS - Our HOLIDAY PARTY is directly after the meeting this month!!! Bring some guests because the networking is going to be crazy-good :)
PPPS - No VIP Meeting this month (for VIP's and MM's) due to to the party. Don't worry though b/c we're going to have a final VIP Meeting in December!!!


Publish Date: 03-15-2011 17:08:06
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How to Use Magnetic Marketing to Solve All of Your Advertising, Marketing and Sales Problems Once and for All - GUARANTEED!


On this FREE “Not to Be Missed” Tele-seminar you’ll discover:


  • How to replace cold prospecting with only doing business with prospects that
    are pre-qualified and predisposed to doing business with you!
  • The right way to position yourself as a respected expert and a trusted advisor…so, prospects
    treat you like a welcome guest
  • The most powerful selling weapon in your arsenal
  • The difference between business to business and business to consumer selling
  • How to sell in a virtually zero-resistance selling environment
  • Discover the relationship between your message, market and media so you’ll immediately
    know what advertising avenues will or won’t work, what your advertising must say, and
    how to save your breath on people who will never buy from you
  • How to position yourself against your competition so you can dominate your marketplace
  • And much more!