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Publish date:06-30-2017 15:01:00
Empress of Biz, Biz Tips

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Business Tips from the Empress of Biz Host, JoAnn R. Forrester, Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur, Business Growth Specialist, Financial Mentor and Small Business Women and Minority Business Advocate.


Positively Pittsburgh Live! - Live & Recorded Episodes:
Dear Friends on Saturday July 1 from 10 am to 11:30 am   we will  be having a special broadcast of  Positively Pittsburgh Live‹.  On June 14, 2017 the one and only Joanne Quinn Smith aka "Techno Granny" left us and moved on to another adventure with her Father in heaven. Those who loved her, worked with her and shared her adventures, Jill Kummer,"Eventsburg" Sunita Pandit "Mrs. Cardiology" Tamra Cerfaci  "The Barefoot Barrister" and JoAnn R. Forrester "The Empress of Biz'" will host a memorial tribute broadcast to our mentor and colleague. Join us as we share our memories of this remarkable positive, courageous and tenacious women. She loved Pittsburgh and wanted the whole world to know how great we were. We welcome  you to join and  share your positive stories, comments and memories. We know she will be listening in that big podcast in the sky

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Host: Joanne Quinn-Smith, CEO, Dreamweaver Marketing Associates akaTechnoGranny, National Small Business Administration Journalist of the Year. On Saturday Mornings PPL features Burgh Biz Saturday Showcase with a group of business owners from Pittsburgh Area who inform about their businesses, give a special tip for entrepreneurs and also one for consumers and a special offer for PositivelyPittsburghLive's Listeners. |PositivelyPittsburghLive has morphed into Pittsburgh's First Internet Radio and TV Network. Free to the public to use where businesses can purchase their own audio or video channel podcast) or page. There is an online community calendar and a Pittsburgh specific press release site. Check it out at:|
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Archived Episodes


Publish Date: 01-28-2016 16:25:00
Roving Pittsburgher Report, 23 Musical, Twirling, Juggling, Ariel & Acrobatic Acts

One of the perks of the job of being the Empress of Biz is getting to see great shows and then write about them!  Pittsburgh is a great city not only for Sports...but for the Arts.  We have a world class symphony, opera, ballet, museums and so much more.  You "gotta" come and see will be amazed and ready to say I am coming to live here.


Publish Date: 01-27-2016 00:06:00

You want to start a business-- you know you have the perfect idea--as soon as open your doors --customers will flock in buying everything off the shelves--and banks and investors will be fighting one another to give you money.   The fact is 90% of small business closes their door within ten years.   Many business owners could have avoided disappointment, failure or bankruptcy, IF they would have looked at the myths they believe in  and did realistic planning, thinking and financing as their business grew.   Listed below are the twelve common fantasy's start up business owners want to believe.    Which one's do you believe?   
1.        I AM JUST A SMALL BUSINESS. I don't need promotion or marketing I will just open my door and everyone will just come.  
 2.       BUSINESS IS GREAT AND ORDERS ARE FLOWING IN.  I won't ever need to borrow money.
 3.   My idea is so good BANKS and Investors will fall all over me in trying to lend me money and I won't ever have to pay high interest.  
5. THERE ARE PLENTY OF ANGELS OUT THERE!   My company is so great these ANGELS will find me, help me and not expect a business plan.  They will just take my word for it and give me the money I need and they won't expect anything in return let alone a profit on their money.
 6. My CREDIT SCORE has NOTHING to do with me getting a bank loan
7 . I CAN GET ALL THE MONEY I NEED-- and I won't  have to pledge any of my assets or use any of my money to start or grow my business and I certainly won't have to  guarantee my loans or credit.
 8 I'LL BE THE LOW BIDDER ALL THE TIME and BEAT out my competition.  I will make money on sheer volume alone.
 9. ALL A WOMAN OR A MINORITY HAS TO DO IS START A BUSINESS and she will be just rolling in dough and will not have to work very hard.   It will be a snap.  
10. MARKETING--WHO NEEDS IT--NOT ME.  People will find me with just by word of mouth.  
 11. Professional HelpI don't need it.  I can figure out all by myself.    
12. My boss is making money off my efforts and paying me pennies on the dollars.  I'll show him! I will start my business and soon I will be the one rolling in the dough!
  S. I. Business Associates (SIBA) has been guiding small business to success since 1975.  Jo Ann R. Forrester, President is an award winning business growth specialist, author  and partner in several business including S I Business Associates, Small Business Solutions and Celebrate & Share. JoAnn and  staff specialize in helping small business grow.  They have secured  over $42 million dollars in business loans and investment for clients.  If you are ready to start, grow or build a successful company give JoAnn R. Forrester  a call.  412-440-6969  Information compiled by  JoAnn R. Forrester, President of SI Business Associates and founder and Host of the Empress of Biz, Listen, Learn, Prosper.  Call 412-440-6969. E-mail:


Publish Date: 11-17-2015 14:19:00

  SCAM ALERT! Small  Biz Owners  


 Usually I am not on the side of the IRS...but this is one time that I am on their side.  
On Monday, November 17 at 12:28 pm I was contacted by a telephone solicitor who left a message saying they were the IRS and that they we trying to reach me for several months and because of non-payment I was going to be sued. I was to call this number back with my case file # to prevent this immediate action. 

 At first I was terrified the IRS...OMG...then I thought call your accountant...and I did.  This call brought  instant relief!   My accountant shared with me that the IRS does not call people and say the are immediately suing you and repossessing everything you have.  There is a due process the IRS  must follow and if you as a busienss owner or individual and  receive a call like this...immediately hang up and report them.   There are major scams being attempted on people and many people have fallen for these  threatening and deceiving tactics.  IF YOU RECEIVE ANY PHONE CALLS like this...immediately hang up and report it to the IRS PHONE SCAM line 1-800-366-4984. 

Besides our own homegrown crooks...many of these scam rooms are run by overseas organizations that use the money obtained from frightened people to finance illegal operation from drugs to guns to worse.

 Be alert...warn your staff, employees and family.  And put pressure on law officials and the phone companies to stop this kind of harassing and frightening criminal actions.  It is estimated that these kind of tactics costs Americans up to $40 billion dollars a year.


Publish Date: 07-09-2015 03:43:00


Treat your potential client with respect and NEVER talk down to her.  

 Today I had some "guru" trying to sell me his services by  telling me how much his  firm can help me accomplish my dreams.... and all I have to do is pay him  thousand$ of dollar$ to get his  much needed help...since it was so obvious I needed his help.  Then I would achieve the success I desired and obviously not getting.

Am I upset?  You bet I am.  Did he do his homework?  NOPE! Has he permanently irritated me?  YEP!   The obnoxious sale approach ...."I have done so much and "Little You" could profit from my "advice" was way off base and downright rude.   I do not mind paying for great advice. ( I pay my lawyer and accountant all the time). But guys and gals do not patronize or belittle  the prospect... especially BEFORE you try to sell them. 

 BTW this is what "little old me" has  have accomplished over the years without his help:

1. Been in business successfully for over 35 years.  
2. Have raised over 42 million dollars in loans/equity etc for small businesses. 
3. In the process of raising many more millions of dollar for a large project in South Dakota. 
4. Written 3 books.  One "The Gift of Holiday" an award winning  children's book. 
 5. Have survived two businesses getting into serious trouble and paid off my many thousands of dollars of debt without declaring bankruptcy...and YES it did hurt. 
6. Have co-developed software Price it Perfect (TM)that has been sold nationally.  I am now  in the process of working with another developer to move the PIP to a cloud application.  
7. My clients have received national recognition from the SBA as Small Business of the Year, Journalist of the Year, Veteran of the Year, Athena Award Winner, Stevie Awards and etc. I wrote the nomination package for them and for many other award winning business owners.  
8. Have developed my own podcast...the Empress of Biz, Listen, Learn, Prosper  with a growing national and international audience. 
9.Serve on loan boards for over 6 years and have contracts with several government agencies for my cost analysis abilities
10. Have been recognized by the SBA, the state of Pennsylvania for advocacy for women and small business owners. 
11.Have helped established the Pennsylvania Women's Hall of Achievement and currently serve as President.
12. I am a national site reviewer for the National Women Business Owners Corporation.
13. Past President 5 times of the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter of NAWBO.
14. Have served on the National  Nominating Committee and Board for NAWBO 
15. I have learned many painful lessons along the way and I am willing to share them without charging exorbitant fees .
 Moral of the Story... Know your prospect, do not insult them and most of all treat your prospect with RESPECT.  
BTW...if you want to build your business and want clear, direct, non-critical advice and BE TREATED WITH RESPECT ...give me a call at 412-440-6969.

May all have a profitable and productive day...and please treat one another with courtesy and respect.
JoAnn R. Forrester
Empress of Biz, Listen, Learn, Prosper


Publish Date: 05-29-2015 01:25:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Exciting happenings are occurring in Charleroi, Pa and on the Empress of biz we have the guests to tell you what it is all about! The town of Charleroi is the site of a launch of a pilot program, Sustainable Marketplace for Arts, Artisans, and Recreation and Trending businesses. SMAART. 
Small towns are not only wonderful places to visit they are great places to be in business. One of the innovative efforts of STAART is a Business Plan Contest with a series of seminars to help small business obtain the information they need to build a thriving company. The program will be launched at the Charleroi Borough Building on June 9, 2015 a visit from the SBA Administrator Region III Administrator, Natalia Olsen-Urtecho.
The Empress of biz will be interviewing the SBA Region III Administrator, Natalia Olsoen-Urtecho on the SBA efforts to promote the growth of small business through their Encore program and support of the STAART program. 
Additional guests are, Don Henderson, Borough Manager of Charleroi will be discussing the goals of STAART and Donna Holdorf, Executive Director of the National Road Heritage Corrido will be sharing about the STAART Business Plan Competition. SBA District Director, Kelly Hunt, will be sharing how the local office will continue to support this innovative effort. This is the kind of program the Empress of Biz loves to bring to you. Information and resources will help your business thrive and prosper. Tune in, Listen, Learn and Prosper. This is an interview you don't want to miss. 
The SMAART Business Plan Contest will be accepting applications starting August 1, 2015, through 4 p.m. on September 30, 2015


Publish Date: 05-06-2015 21:19:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Your company is growing...sales are great...but at the end of the are SHORT of the GREEN STUFF. Join The Empress of Biz and Dave Wilke, CPA as we discuss strategies and tips to ensure that your company has the capital necessary for growth. Dave Wilke, CPA is well known as a small business accountant and advocate for small busienss. He will be one of the speaker at the 17th annual Entrepreneurs Growth conference, Friday May 15, 2015. Christine Hughes is Training Manager for the Duquense University SBDC and she will be sharing all the news abut the 17th Annual Entrepreneur's Growth Conference,  tune in and Listen,Learn, Prosper with the Empress of  Biz and her wisdom filled guests. 


Publish Date: 03-25-2015 21:41:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Show is a Business...Not a Hobby!

Join the Empress of Biz, aka, JoAnn R. Forrester,  as we focus on two entrepreneurs who are making an IMPACT ON the entertainment  scene.  Jessica Lee  a charismatic and popular Jazz singer and Allen Levine of Pittsburgh Sportsline.  Both have created a niche in the our area with their unique talents and approach to business. 
Jessica Lee is an amazing songstress who is a welcome performer in
prominent music clubs, both locally and nationally. Jessica's performances give
voice to the up-lifting energy, power and messages that were the trademarks of
early artists in gospel, blues, jazz and soul Jazz.    
 Allen Levine, The Talking Machine has taken
his love and knowledge of sports and has created a platform of Live TV
talkshows with and combined them with appearances at local restaurants  talking sports and bringing a wide variety of  people together talking sports and promoting their various community interests
and charitable causes. 
 As fun as entertainment is a business! And to make it you have to treat it as a
businessnot as a hobby. 
 Join in and Listen, Learn and Prosper as the Empress of Biz interviews two popular entertainer's  on the   "Business of Entertainment".


Publish Date: 02-19-2015 05:41:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

 March is Women's Her story month and we celebrate that with the 10th Annual Women of Achievement Awards Event held on March 5, 2015 at the Omni William Penn Hotel. One of the 2015 honorees is Eileen Carlins of Cribs for Kids. Cribs for Kids is an example of how women make a positive contribution to the quality of lives. Tune in and Listen and Learn the story of Cribs for Kids, what they do and how their work has made a difference not only locally but nationally and internationally. Listen, Learn and be Inspired.
Chairs of the event, JoAnn R. Forrester and Bonnie DiCarlo will be hosts of this session Celebrating and Sharing the achievements of women during  March...Women's Herstory Month. 


Publish Date: 02-12-2015 06:45:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live &; Recorded Episodes:

EMPRESS OF BIZ!  Funding your business  with the  Kiva Loan fund and The Women of Achievement Awards, March 5, 2015

Episode Notes: So much going on that we have to double the time to get it all in on the Empress of Biz.
 Our first guests are Emily Keebler of Kiva and Latoya Jackson Rainey talking about the the Kiva Fund and how it fuels  busienss growth.
 Second Sgement on the  Empress of biz with my  special  co-host Bonnie DiCarlo, co-founder of Celebrate & Share , we will be interviewing Anna Marie Gire of the Women's Independent Press and the Women's Yellow Pages on her being selected as a 2015 Women of Achievement Honoree.
 Take the time to listen, learn and be inspired by these amazing women and all they are accomplishing.
Listen, Learn and Prosper with the Empress of Biz!


Publish Date: 02-05-2015 11:13:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Before you jump into the entrepreneurial pool...The Empress of Biz will be talking about information you absolutely need to know. The 12 COMMON  & DANGEROUS MYTHS about Starting, Growing and Financing your Business AT 9AM today.  Can't listen can always download later!

The ideal situation--or fairy tales do come true. You want to start a business-- you know you have the perfect idea--as soon as open your doors --customers will flock in buying everything off the shelves--and banks and investors will be fighting one another to give you money. The fact is 90% of small business closes their door within ten years. Many business owners could of avoided disappointment, failure or bankruptcy, IF they would have done realistic planning, thinking and financing as their business grew. We are sharing with you our list of the twelve common fantasies small business owners tell themselves about their business. Listen, Learn, Prosper with the Empress of Biz.


Publish Date: 10-23-2014 00:25:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Biz Buzz  News you Can Use:

Join me for a new feature on the Empress of Biz,   Biz Buzz!   The goal is to  provide business owners  and professionals  news, information,  resources and valuable business tips  to use in building a successful and profitable business.  So join in and Listen, Learn and Prosper with the Empress of Biz " aka"  JoAnn R. Forrester.

Plus if you have  news about an event/resource/news  that will help our listeners please send to   Or give me a call at 412-440-6969.  By sharing what we know we help all of us to grow.

Some of the news includes new District Director at the SBA for the W. PA District Office.  Certification it can help or hurt.  Upcoming events  including NAWBO DAY Pittsburgh o November 21, 2014.  And lots more. sharing what we know...we help all of us grow!

Can't listen  this Thursday October 23, 2014 you can always download and listen later.


Publish Date: 10-16-2014 11:30:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Today on the Empress of Biz we feature Darlene B. Kruth, a multi million dollar sales professional with Northwood Realty. I like Darlene's story. After experiencing a corporate down sizing, she made a decision to become her own boss. She is now a very successful sales pro, who has achieved success because she concentrates on:
1. Customer Care Extraordinaire
2. Serving niche markets.
3. Making the real estate transaction easier in a ever increasing world of regulation.
Tune in and Listen to her success story. Learn how you can succeed and PROSPER in real estate with a multi-million sale pro.


Publish Date: 07-17-2014 11:48:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper!

Hosted by: Empress of Biz
Title: - EMPRESS OF BIZ! Biz tips on Promotion, The Author Zone & Dawn Pomaybo
Time: 07/17/2014 09:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: My guests today on the Empress of Biz, Listen, Learn and Prosper are Anna Marie Gire of Women's Independent Press sharing about the Author Zone and Dawn Pomaybo sharing NA -WIN upcoming ventures and activities. Also we will be GIVING TIPS on PROMOTION!! Summertime is NOT the time to stop promoting your business. While you are, as my Mom use to say" lally gollying" along the way ....someone else is being smart and leaving you and your business in the dust. So what are you doing to PROMOTE and BUILD your BUSINESS TODAY? Listen to these smart women, Learn from their experience and Prosper with the advice. Listen, Learn and Prosper with the Empress of Biz .. JoAnn R. Forrester

To be a guest on the Empress of biz or sponsor a program with great downloads e-mail us at
Empress of Biz



Publish Date: 06-24-2014 02:33:00

Straight Talk.  What Most Biz Advisers Don't Tell You!

Okay it is time for some straight talk here. If you are thinking of going into business you need to do a lot of PRACTICAL THINGS  to start right . The best business plan or marketing plan won't help if you do NOT HAVE YOUR FINANCIAL OR PERSONAL HOUSE IN ORDER! 

More businesses fail because the owner and her family are not emotionally and or financially prepared.   Pressures build up and doors close because of poor preparation and lack of support.  Before you open the door PLEASE do the following:

1. Make sure your credit is in order.  It is hard to get credit cards, bank loans when you first start.  If you do get are going to pay for it.
 2. Know your credit score.  if you have below 750 expect problems with your bank.  Expect your banker to lie to you.  Sad but true.  
 3. Correct and repair any past debt problems.  It will come back to haunt you.  
4. If married or have a significant other...get them on board.  Expecting automatic support may mean automatic breakup.
 5. Have children?  Get them on board. You won't be able to give them as much and they need to know that. And they are going to have to do more around the house.   No more cannot afford it...and it is not good for them anyways.
6. Keep your hospitalization and any other benefits you have.It is really tough to get them the first several years in business. And yes you will need them
7. Get term life insurance to cover your business risk. Separate the risk.  Make sure you have one policy for business  and one for  personal. 
8. Get a good physical and dental checkup  Good health is crucial for the long grueling hours that you will be working. 
9. If married or have a significant other make sure you can live on one salary.Make sure he or she agrees to this arrangement.  
10. Borrowing money from family?  Tough Call.  Often there is too many strings attached.  You will find yourself being asked to hire your brother when no one else will. 
11. If you are going into business with a friend, spouse, relative significant other get your partnership in writing.  Each person has their own agenda and you need to make sure what is going on.
12,  Starting a relationship and a business is not the best idea in the world. Love quickly flies out the window  when things go wrong. 
For more practical tips listen to the Empress of Biz, Listen, Learn, Prosper on  We are also syndicated on
Or give us a call at 412-440-6969...You can make your dream come true...when you are correctly prepared.  
JoAnn R. Forrester is an award winning business owner, teacher, writer, columnist, small business advocate and host of the Empress of BizListen, Learn & Prosper. She has 30 plus years guiding small business owners to success. As co-founder of S I Business Associates, a business growth management firm, she has secured 40 million dollars in loans and investments for her clients. She is the co-developer of the PRICE IT PERFECT„c cost management system for small business.  For straight practical advice give her a call.     412-440-6969 is the number to call. m 


Publish Date: 05-14-2014 14:08:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

‹Welcome to the Empress of Biz Listen, Learn and Prosper series. Every business needs guidance and resources to make their business fly. Our guests are people who have the knowledge and experience you can use to guide your business through the choppy seas of entrepreneurship.
My guest Attorney Kathleen Kuznicki knows that entrepreneurs love to build, create and make money off their creations.  But the one thing we NEGLECT to do..... is PROTECT what we have created.  And  we HATE to spend the money to PROTECT our work!    The consequence...we loose...often disastrously.  Attorney Kathleen Kuznicki of of Lynch Weis,LLC  an Intellectual Property Attorney will be sharing her knowledge with you.  This show is a MUST for all you creative entrepreneurs.  LISTEN  to what you need to know, LEARN what you have to do and PROSPER by the advice of Attorney Kuznicki and the Empress of Biz, JoAnn R. Forrester.   ‹


Publish Date: 04-24-2014 11:34:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

My special guest today is Dr. Marcia Sturidivant, President of NEED sharing their mission of "Opportunity and Transformation through Education"  and their 51st Annual NEED Scholarship Dinner on May 22, 2014 at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown.  NEED mission is to provides career and college access services which empower youth from the Pittsburgh region to aspire to, learn about, prepare for, and complete higher education....Since their  founding in 1963, NEED has supported over 19,000 deserving young people by providing nearly $20 million in grants.....NEED is proud to be recipient the 2014 Allegheny County Bar Association Homer S. Brown Division's Black History Month Celebration Spirit Award.


Publish Date: 03-08-2014 15:09:00

Progress for Women is Progress for All....Celebrate the Women in Your Life.


Publish Date: 03-06-2014 00:42:00

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Thursday March 6  at 9 Am on  the Empress of Biz we explore "What does it take to go from a ''JOB'" to owning your own business?  Do you have the "right stuff'?  The drive, the energy, the financial  courage  to take that leap?  My guest, Chris Nix does.  He went from a traditional job as an engineer to the one he always dreamed of... Artist.   Tune in and Listen to his journey, Learn from his journey and others and figure out how you can Prosper in your own venture.


Publish Date: 02-27-2014 12:08:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

SAVING MONEY!  20,000 PENNIES Can't BE Wrong!

Recently the host of the  Empress of biz has been her yearly quest to cut expenses...and this year we have hit the jackpot!. We will be sharing our 10 ways or so to save money...remember as Ben Franklin use to say...a penny saved is a penny earned! Well we have save 20,000 pennies a month! Listen, Learn &; Prosper with the Empress of Biz aka JoAnn R. Forrester.


Publish Date: 02-09-2014 19:50:00
                     WHO IS THE BOSS? 

Empress of Biz, Biz Tips: Money? Who is the boss?  Are you Impulsive?  You see it gotta have it? Whether is it that new flavor of Starbucks Coffee or that bright new shiny red truck...if you want have to have it.  Are you always running on empty because you broke your budget? Or are you saying .... budget?  What the ****is that?

What about your long range goals? Do you have them? Savings? Good credit? Bad Credit?  We all have a relationship with money....some of us  are DISASTROUS, a few of us  are really FRUGAL  and know where very penny goes... and then there is the rest of us.  We muddle along...buying lots of stuff, juggling funds, paying our bills and still trying to save something...but not enough to get us through a real difficult patch. 

 Often we feel conflicted about how we spend money...and may get into some pretty heated discussions with spouse, partner, friends and family about money and how we think people should spend it or manage it.  

 When I work with my client and their problems with money in their business, I hear lots of stories, excuses, and justification for how they make their decisions on money and their bill paying and buying habits.   Like the recent decision of a client of mine who needed an additional truck for his business
 His choice:
 1. Buy the brightest RED shiny one with all the bells, whistles and gadgets.  Or  ..
 2. Buy the used truck, in good condition with a good warranty which would do the  job and save him $400 a month in payments.
No need to guess...we know which one he picked.

I often found myself wondering why we do what we do with money.  Often I am the one that has to work with the client to solve the money problem and justify to the banker what has happened.  And that is NOT always easy.
Well, who can we blame this problem on?  Aha! We can point the finger to our parents and how they handled money? Or...we can we blame it on our educational system for not teaching us enough about money.  Or what about the has to be their fault...they certainly don't know how to handle money.

 But wait...I have finally found the answer that makes sense!   It's our BRAIN'S  fault.  Recently I listened to an insightful discussion by Jean Chatsky on money and how our BRAIN sees money and plans to spend it.  One part, "the OLD Brain" is wired for survival and instant gratification.  Hungry we eat...cold we seek shelter, thirsty we drink water, etc.  The other part...the NEW Brain the "thinking part.. is the one that seeks to solve problems and likes projects and long range goals.  This  "thinking" part is often over ruled by the impulsive part and we end up making decisions that run from ok to mediocre to that  was terrible and what the hell was I thinking.  

So now what do we do? Continue our old patterns and just add the excuse it was brain that made us do it? Or do we learn how to manage our impulses and train ourselves to be good thinkers and managers of  money. Of course the decision is up to you. But the choice is obvious to I let my impulsive Old Brain run the show and or do I let the New Brain be the boss.   I know which one I choose.  What about You?

S. I. Business Associates (SIBA)has been guiding small business to success since 1975.  Jo Ann Forrester, President is a business growth specialists and partner in several business including S I Business Associates, Price it Perfect Г” and Celebrate & Share. She and her staff specialize in helping small business grow.  They have raised $40 million dollars in business loans and investment for clients over the years.  If you are ready to start, grow or build a successful company give SIBA a call.
Co     Information compiled by Jo Ann R. Forrester of SI Business Associates.  Copyright 2014

Call 412-440-6969


Publish Date: 02-06-2014 02:22:00
EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! - Live & Recorded Episodes:

The Lawyer Edition of the Empress of Biz. with Attorney Norma Caquatto. This is one of our most popular guest, Attorney Norma Caquatto is back sharing her wealth of knowledge on non-profit law. What are the plusses and minuses of non--profit status. How to start your organization right...Make sure you avoid conflict of interest...avoid penalties. What can you do and not. Picking the right board members. Do it right and avoid losing your non-profit status. Listen in and receive expert legal advice from, Attorney Norma Caquatto, who has specialized in the needs for small business and non-profits corporations. Knowing the right structure for your business is critical for your success. Tune in Listen, Learn and Prosper with the Empress of Biz and attorney Norma Caquatto.


Publish Date: 02-03-2014 18:01:00
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NAWBO NEWSMAKERS .  Updates, news, sources and information that business women need to know.  Today's guest, Alice Williamsп, founder and director of WEEE.   WEEE is  an incubator, workspace  and training center for women who seek to own their own business. Alice Williams is an amazing women who had a vision, dedicated herself to the vision. worked incredibly hard and preserved and made her vision come true.  Listen and be inspired.

Today at four pm.  If you cannot listen can always listen later.  Hear our stories and be inspired of what women can do.!

Host:  JoAnn R. Forrester, Empress of Biz, Listen, Learn Prosper!

Donna Baxter, of Soul Pitt Media, President of the Greater Pittsburgh Chapter.


Publish Date: 02-01-2014 03:15:00
New report says millions of women at risk of falling into poverty, economic ruin  and the War on women continues

Women make up close to two-thirds of minimum-wage workers in the country ” and upwards of 70 percent of those low-wage workers receive no paid sick days whatsoever, according to the report. 
These are people who are trying to survive on minimum wage, which is not a living wage, Shriver said on NBC's Meet the Press Sunday. The number one thing that would make the most difference to them is getting sick days, she added.
All the while, some 40 percent of all American households with children below the age of 18 include mothers who are either the only or primary source of income ” with the average earnings of full-time female workers still just 77 percent of the average earnings of their male colleagues, the report reads.

As a nation we say one thing...motherhood and children are our future....and yet our treatment and laws allow poverty to continue to stalk women.   Our  future is doomed if we continue to allow this downward spiral to continue.