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Positively Pittsburgh Live!

Positively Pittsburgh Live! Family Holiday Fun, PSO Nominated for Grammy

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TECHNOGRANNY? Ephesus Greek Restaurant, 4th Ave. Downtown| Macy's Downtown Windows| POSITIVELY PITTSBURGH SPONSORED EVENTS: NAWBO Holiday Helpers Party NAWBO Clothes, Cookies, Connections| Red Engine Press Holiday Gift Event| CULTURAL CLUES: PSO nominated for a 2015 Grammy ...  [Read More/Play Media]

Featured Member



Latest Post: The Circle of Power: Why Giving is So Important

December 9, 2014To Everyone, myself included... "Tis the Season..." Many years ago I remember reading about an experiment with rhesus monkeys.  A cookie was placed in the bottom of a stainless steel jar.  The neck of the jar was just wide enough for the ...

Internet TV Network - Latest Videos
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11-04-2014 19:01:38

Roving Pittsburgher Report: Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine Videos, Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine

Young Adult Novel Inspires Healing Through Love of Horses, Valerie Ormond Interview-"Believing in Horses Too"

Valerie Ormond - Biography ValerieOrmond retired as anavalintelligenceofficer and founded her own business, Veteran Writing Services, LLC. Herfirst novel,“Believing I- n Horses”won theMilitary Writers SocietyofAmericaGold Medaland other awards. Her second ...

11-04-2014 18:53:50

Roving Pittsburgher Report: Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine Videos, Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine

Military Writer Society of America Author of the Year

Award winning author Bob Doerr grew up in a military family, graduated from the Air Force Academy, and had a career of his own in the Air Force.  Bob specialized in criminal investigations and counterintelligence gaining significant insight to the worlds of crime, espionage ...

10-06-2014 21:16:14

Roving Pittsburgher Report: Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine Videos, Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine

Author, "Still Having Fun" on Roving Pittsburgh Report Interview

Award Wining Author Candace Thompson talks about her interview with Joanne Quinn-Smith on Roving Pittsburgher TV and although she lives in Chicago, her Pittsburgh Roots.

09-10-2014 10:34:48

The Baker Street Solution, Matthew Tomsho

Analysis Paralysis Most of us hate looking at analytics. I of course being the Effective Detective, LOVE looking at analytics. But even I know that it is way too easy to get hung up about one or two numbers. Numbers are important to your business, but sometimes ...

09-03-2014 23:12:12

The Baker Street Solution, Matthew Tomsho

Boy Scouts and Marketeers - Be Prepared  Often we are rushed, or under deadline pressure but we still want to get our content out and the temptation is to "wing-it". Resist the temptation. Like a drunk at karaoke you might think you sound great, but your audience is ...

Internet Radio Network - Latest Audios
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12-16-2014 15:56:13

Dawn Pomaybo Live, Dawn Pomaybo

Dawn Pomaybo Live with Terry Breen of the Pittsburgh Business Times

Listen in to find out how you can use the Pittsburgh Business Times as a powerful resource to Find New Opportunities! Get the story. Make the connection. Close the deal. Increase your potential to earn more money!

12-15-2014 12:10:16

Monday Morning Marketeer, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Monday Morning Marketeer, 4 Reasons Why Podcasts Having Major Resurgence

Have you noticed the online and offline stir about podcasts? What could be driving this resurgence in popularity? According to expert podcasters and media monitors: podcast quality is better. Economics of podcasting makes sense over traditional radio. The I Phone and other major ...

12-15-2014 11:04:57

TechnoGrannyShow, Joanne Quinn-Smith

TechnoGrannyShow Ten TechnoGift Finds from TechnoGranny

So you don't know what to buy your tech crazy, spouse, teenager, friend or child. Today ten ideas from: Fitness to better pictures from your phone| a wearable pet tracker| virtual Barbie outfits| wi fi crock pot| app device that turns your lights out from your bedroom( or other ...

12-14-2014 22:04:38

Author, Author Shine Out Loud!, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Author, Author Shine Out Loud! Book Signings vs Author Events

You have often heard of authors "returning from lengthy book tours." But is that the trend, does it work? Or is it better to have an event with several authors in one place at one time and have an author event? Today on Author Author hear the stories of three authors and a ...

12-14-2014 17:19:25

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper!, JoAnn Forrester

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Holiday Book Buzz Joyce Faulkner

Special Holiday Edition of the Empress of Biz. We are talking books with publisher and author Joyce Faulkner and the Red Engine Holiday Express Book Signing & Fundraising on December 20. What 's new, what's happening in the book world, new works great stand bye's and how you can ...

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