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Positively Pittsburgh Live!

PositivelyPittsburghLive! George Benson, Health Care Heroes & Burgh Firsts

PPL Co-Host Name: Sunita Pandit, host of Mrs Cardiology to talk about release of mom Saroj Gopal Kulkarni new book Saris and Soap Operas| WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TECHNOGRANNY? Four Horns at the Pittsburgh Symphony| Mineo's Pizza, Greentree| POSITIVELY PITTSBURGH SPONSORED EVENTS: A Recetption for ...  [Read More/Play Media]

Featured Member

Dr. Dan Turo

Turo Family Chiropractic  412.369.0400 625 Lowries Run Road Suite 100 Pittsburgh PA 15237 www.tu-  Dr. Daniel A. Turo Chiropractor Dr. Dan has been fascinated with health from a young age.

Latest Post: 4 Tips for Warming Up for Spring - Tip 1

It's been a long winter and spring is in the air. For many that means tackling projects at home, clearing out the garden, or getting back to outdoor adventures like running, hiking or biking. I lovingly call it being a weekend warrior squeezing every last bit of ...

Internet TV Network - Latest Videos
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03-16-2015 16:56:58

The Baker Street Solution, Matthew Tomsho

Are You Funneling Leads Down The Drain?

We have all heard about sales funnels. The are the series of steps you take to guide a prospect from first interest all the way to a sale. But what if that isn't the only way to do it> What if your sales process is a little complicated. Most of all, what about all of the ...

03-16-2015 16:45:03

The Baker Street Solution, Matthew Tomsho

Funneling Leads Right Down The Drain

<a href="http://TheBakerStreetS-">http://TheBa-</a> -  One of the big buzzwords these days is funnel. A sales funnel is an integral part of any sales strategy, on-line and off-line, but are you using it correctly? The ...

03-16-2015 16:35:10

The Baker Street Solution, Matthew Tomsho

Why I switched to Mailchimp from Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is one of the most powerful and flexible email marketing systems out there. Unfortunately it is also one of the most expensive and difficult to use. Do you need all of that power and expense? This video discusses why I left Infusionsoft for a less expensive and less ...

01-12-2015 19:57:12

Roving Pittsburgher Report: Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine Videos, Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine

Military Writer's Society of America Award Winning Poets About PTSD, "Pass the Salt Doc" Link to file ecmaXJzuMQ   Jim Greenwald and Mike Mullins some of the questions answered on this ten minute interview.   What caused you to write this book?  He wanted to attempt to make PTSD something that a non-sufferer could feel ...

11-04-2014 17:01:38

Roving Pittsburgher Report: Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine Videos, Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine

Young Adult Novel Inspires Healing Through Love of Horses, Valerie Ormond Interview-"Believing in Horses Too"

Valerie Ormond - Biography ValerieOrmond retired as anavalintelligenceofficer and founded her own business, Veteran Writing Services, LLC. Herfirst novel,“Believing I- n Horses”won theMilitary Writers SocietyofAmericaGold Medaland other awards. Her second ...

Internet Radio Network - Latest Audios
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04-23-2015 08:01:01

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper!, JoAnn Forrester

EMPRESS OF BIZ! 17th Annual Entrepreneur Growth Conf May 15

It's back and better than ever!...The Entrepreneurs Growth Conference on May 15, 2015. For 17 years Duquense University has hosted the Entrepreneurs Growth Conference. We will be finding out what is happening at this years conference. Tune in tomorrow as we speak to the ...

04-22-2015 18:00:00

The Loudini Rock 'n Roll Circus, Lou Lombardi

How to get fans to lay down cold hard cash for your merchГc?В

Just because you HAVE merchandise for sale, doesnГc??t mean that people will automatically buy it. This week Lou and Kevin give you some great tips on getting fans to lay down cold hard cash for your music and merch. Featured artists include Dawn Savage, Dan Bubien, ...

04-19-2015 10:07:50

Mrs. Cardiology--Heart Tips Not Tricks, Sunita Pandit

Mrs. Cardiology, Why Marine Omega with Krill Benefits Arthritis

In a healthy immune system, the normal inflammatory process repairs damage and protects the body from infections. But in arthritis and inflammatory diseases, an overactive immune response leads to tissue degradation. Research showed that the same pathway that signals the start ...

04-16-2015 08:01:49

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper!, JoAnn Forrester

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Doing good with Frogs are Green Creator Susan Newman

Special guest, Susan Newman of Susan Newman Design, Inc, author, podcaster award winning artist and small business owner is a wonderful example of HOW A small biz owner making a difference in the world. Susan specializes in innovative branding and design for entrepreneurs and ...

04-13-2015 17:30:00

The Loudini Rock 'n Roll Circus, Lou Lombardi

Is the CD still relevant???

In this age of digital downloading and music stream services, are CDГc??s still relevant? Plus music by Jeff Fetterman, Sun Hound, Garrison Bailey and Joe Chawki. Birthday Shout outs to Aaron Lewis, Lowell George, Al Green and Mr. Purple People Eater Sheb Wooley

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